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Quattro QuarterlyAward Winning Club Magazine

Quattro Quarterly is the national magazine of the Audi Car Club of North America.

Member LoyaltyRewards

Special Audi Club member car-buying experience and pricing.


2017 Affinity Program for ACNA Members

Purchase Audi select models at 6% below MSRP at participating dealers*

Dear Audi Club Members,

Thank you to Audi of America for sponsoring one of the premier benefits for Audi Club members. The Affinity Program rewards members on the purchase or lease of 2017 Audi automobiles. Eligibility requirements include:

·         *At participating dealers, you will be able to purchase or lease select MY16, MY17 and MY18 Audi models at 6% below MSRP (excluding RS3, A5 Sportback, S5 Sportback, RS5, Audi Q5 (MY18), RS7, Audi Q7 3.0T, A8 W12, S8 Plus, R8, and TTRS).

·         This program is compatible with any Audi retail incentive (loyalty or conquest) and AFS Special or Standard rate program unless noted in future communications.

·         You must have obtained an authorized ACNA personnel signature before visiting the dealership. Be sure to bring the completed eligibility form, a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance to the dealership.

·         You may decide to trade in another vehicle while purchasing your new Audi. These transactions are between you and the Dealer and are to be negotiated solely between you and the Dealer.

·         Any decision by AoA is final in all matters relating to this program. AoA has the right to cancel or amend the program at any time for any reason.

·         ACNA members may purchase one (1) Audi vehicle per year with this program.

·         ACNA membership must be current and in good standing for a minimum of six (6) months prior to purchase or lease.

·         For Audi Club North America 2017 Affinity Program Incentive Eligibility forms, please call the national office at 262.567.5476. The 2017 Supplier program applies to purchases made beginning January 4, 2017.


Audi Club North AmericaSignature Event

The Audi Club member exclusive event at Audi of America Headquarters.

Audi Club RegionalMarquee Event

The Audi Club member exclusive event at Audi of America Headquarters.

Audi Club North AmericaPremier Access

Audi premier access to special events such as American Film Institute, 24 hour Le Mans Fans Camp in France.

Audi Club Winter Driving& Factory Tour

Austria Winter Driving Experience and Ingolstadt Factory Tour exclusive programs.

Audi Club SocialDriver Education

And community involvement events from our 28 Chapetrs across North America.

Audi Club EuropeanDriving Vacation

Ability to drive latest Audi cars during your European vacations.

Driver Schools

Driver Schools at famous race track venues nationwide

Learning to drive with the Audi Driving School gives learner drivers the Audi experience to drive safely on the roads.

Autocross EventsThe track, the cars, the exhilaration

The Audi sportscar experience offers you the opportunity to push the envelope of Audi technologically advanced.

Teen Driver EducationPrepares for the drivers seat

Cover all the information you need to earn your license and be a safe and secure driver.