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Join the largest and growing Audi Club in the World. We have close to 300 events across 30 states annually. Dealers and Chapters host tech sessions, socials, race viewing event, driver education programs, and fun rallies.

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Membership Benefits

Nearly 10,000 Audi members enjoy a wealth of opportunities to explore the Audi ownership experience - from technology and performance to lifestyle and community.

Premier benefits and savings members can enjoy:

Quattro quarterly award winning club Magazine
Member loyalty rewards, special Audi Club member car-buying experience and pricing
Audi Club social, driver education, and community involvement events from our 28 Chapters across North America
Merchandise, Travel, and Service Discounts


We have close to 300 events across 30 states annualy. Dealers and Chapters host tech sessions, socials, race viewing events, driver education programs, and fun rallies.

At The Track

ACNA driving schools offer opportunities to test your Audi'scapability and hone car control skills at exciting venues such as Watkins Glen, Road America, Infineon Raceway and more. ACNA instructors teach Audi owners the handling and performance features of their vehicles.

Winter Driving Schools

Teach drivers how to handle their vehicles in icy conditions, enabling them to become better, safer drivers.


Teach drivers how to handle their cars in a safe, non-intimidating environment. Mini road courses are outlined with cones and are a fun way to improve your skills.

Teen Driving Clinics

Educate young drivers on the physics that affect the handling of their cars.

Driver Education

Will improve their car-control abilities in real and emergency situations.

Fun Runs, Rallies, and Social Events

Discover clues on a mystery rally that lead you to a fabulous destination -- a mountain resort with crackling trees, fun dinner and fellowship. Drive winding coasline roads and picnic lunch by the sea. Got the urge to go for a drive? So do we!

Membership Fees

United States
One Year: $49 member/$10 family member
Two Year: $79 member/$18 family member
Three Year: $108 member/$25 family member
Lifetime: $750 (includes family member)

Outside United States
One Year: $52 member/$11 family member
Two Year: $94 member/$21 family member
Three Year: $132 member/$29 family member
Lifetime: $750 (includes family member)

In addition to the benefits of the national organization, Regional Chapters provide members with the opportunity to share their knowledge with each other at rallies, picnics, social gatherings and even technical sessions at Audi dealerships. There really is something for everyone!

The Audi Club North America accepts applications via this website , fax and mail, as well as over the phone.

Classes of Membership

Active Member

Active membership shall be restricted to owners, lessees, or co-owners of Audi automobiles, who are 18 years of age or older, and are members in good standing of The Club.

Family Member

A person,18 years of age or older, joining in conjunction with an active or associate member. A family member must reside in the same house as the active member. Only one family member may be included in the membership.

Associate Member

A person, 18 years or older who does not own an Audi but has an interest in Audis. Associate members enjoy all the benefits of the club.