I WAS GOING TO WRITE about our trip along Historic Route 66, with only passing mention of our 2006 Audi A4 3.2L quattro. Unfortunately, our Audi decided it preferred things the other way around!
YOU ALREADY KNOW that the British drive on the left, right? Maybe you also know the national speed limit is 60 mph except in cities, towns, villages, hamlets, and places with three buildings in a row. Also,many British roads are narrower than the typical American driveway. Those roads are subject to a 60mph limit. This makes driving in Britain exciting.
Twenty-seven eager students and fourteen instructors descended on the Mountain View Grand Hotel in the White Mountains of NH to attend this year’s January Winter Driving School hosted by the North Atlantic Club. Event master, Michelle Gregory, organized this event which started off with a well honed 1 hour classroom training session given by club Vice President Mike Coller.
THE ENGINE ROARED as my father slammed on the accelerator and all 10 cylinders of our R8 Spyder exploded, pushing us further at insane speed. Cars whizzed by as we weaved down a multi-lane highway, giggling with delight. Unlike where we grew up in New York, we were clearly at odds with the cultural norms here, as the Germans around us on the autobahn proceeded in a rigid, predictable order.
AUDI'S FIRST HIGH-PERFORMANCE estate car was the RS 2, its five-cylinder engine boosted to 315 bhp. But then the 80, on which the RS 2 was based, came to the end of its production run. It was some time until a fast version of the A4 was introduced.
YOU’RE ATTACKING THE ROAD. The turbo is singing as you pass through 9,000 feet. 525 curves that include 400 switchbacks are packed into 90 miles of fun. This is not a road for the faint-hearted driver nor passengers with queasy stomachs.
TIM LIFANO, GENERAL MANAGER of Audi Concord, knows my family well. We had purchased an S4 before our first baby came. When Alex was just a few months young, he already visited the showroom and met Tim and his team.
ACCORDING TO NOAH WEBSTER, “Passion: a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something”. It is unlikely that Noah could have imagined the definition applied to things such as a horseless carriage propelled by a machination burning a combustible liquid discovered in Titusville, Pennsylvania in 1859, sixteen years after his death.
In Memory of Kent Anderson: Coon Rapids, MN 1949-2015
The Audi Motorsports Experience (AME) held its third racing event for the year at the beautiful Circuit of The Americas track in Austin, Texas. This 3 day event was in conjunction with the World Endurance Championship and the Tudor United Sportscar Championship. Andy Sattler and his crew did another outstanding job of hosting local, National and International Audi Race Fans with first rate hospitality.