The Southern California Chapter of ACNA covers southern California and the Southern half of Nevada (Pioneer and Las Vegas Territories). The nearly 800 chapter members have access to ACNA Driving Schools at Spring Mountain Motorsports Park (Parhump, NV), Laguna Seca (Monterey, CA), Sears Point (Sonoma, CA) and dozens of track and autocross events in Southern California. In addition, the chapter has literally dozens of drives, tech and social events throughout the year. Drives to central wine country, Julian (San Diego County) and our annual MOAD (Mother-of-all-Drives) are just a few of our notable drives.

TT West 2017 – The Xtreme Drive

TT West 2017 – The Xtreme Drive
TT West 2017 ExTTreme takes place September 24-29 and explores the extremes of the American West as we start in Las Vegas, travel along and through the California Sierra Nevada Mountains, visit Yosemite and Virginia City Nevada, and end at Lake Tahoe.  The Xtreme drive takes us into the lowest elevations in the US as we pass through Death Valley and the highest elevation as we view Mount Whitney.  We will also experience extreme
temperatures of 100 degrees in Death Valley and freezing at night at Lake Tahoe.


Buttonwillow High Performance Driving School

Time: November 16, 2017 at 4pm to November 19, 2017 at 5pm
Location: Buttonwillow Raceway Park
Street: I-5 & Lerdo Hwy
City/Town: Buttonwillow, CA

Our famous driving school, traditionally held the weekend before Thanksgiving.

New this year:

    Friday Experienced-Driver Day - Full Track
    Wet Skid Pad both Saturday and Sunday